For nearly fifty years beloved teacher, author and designer, Margaret Boyles has danced her magic needles through the beguiling world of heirloom sewing and fine embroidery creating beauty and inspiration with her knowledge and love of all the various kinds of stitching.

A small original design in the style of an antique Pennsylvania schoolgirl sampler was her first entry into the just awakening needlework industry in 1968. Displayed in a collection of Margaret’s later samplers it is a sweet reminder of her long devotion to fine embroidery. It has been followed by hundreds of beautiful designs for embroidery kits sold by the major manufacturers of the day. During that time period Margaret authored twenty-five hardcover books covering needlepoint, Bargello, crewel embroidery, quilting, rug making, counted cross stitch, monogramming, smocking and fine sewing. It was the publication of this list that inspired the New York publishing industry to name her "First Lady of American Needlework" a well deserved title that still follows her.    

The publication of the books and accompanying publicity created a demand for Margaret to teach, traveling to nearly every state in the US, much of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. A certified judge she also traveled widely to judge needlework and quilting shows.

 While she happily worked in the needlework industry her collection of beautiful white clothing of the last century grew and she perfected many of her innovative methods for reproducing similar garments creating endearing clothing for her children and herself with the limited supplies inherited from her talented grandmother James. Schooled in hand sewing and frustrated by the almost impossibility of obtaining the lace, fabrics and entredeux needed, she nevertheless continued to study the antique clothing, its history and construction.

Then in the early 1980’s  Swiss cotton batiste, elegant Belgian linen, beautiful French and English laces, Swiss entredeux and embroidered insertions, pure cotton threads, fine English needles and fabulous new sewing machines that could beautifully mimic the older hand sewn methods began to appear. Having mastered those hand sewing techniques long before someone invented the genere "French Hand Sewing By Machine" Margaret was ready to launch her Heirloom patterns and teach her innovative methods both hand and machine.

Since that time she has been a grace note in the enchanting world of Heirloom Sewing and Fine Embroidery. Her patterns and designs are an exquisite treasure trove filled with the romance of antique lace and the history of fashion design.  Each is a classic and her gift to those who follow.


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Photography By: Hope Eastman

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